Sean R Scott
Sean R Scott
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Service(s) Provided:Producing / Project Management, Speakers
Platform(s): Android, Facebook, Google+, iOS (iPhone, iPad), Ouya, PC, PlayStation 3, Web (Flash), Web (HTML5), Web (Unity), Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360
Size: Individual
Experience: 10+ years
Budget: (Fixed) Less Than US$1000 | (Fixed) US$1,000 - US$5,000 | (Fixed) US$5,000 - US$10,000 | (Fixed) US$10,000 - US$50,000 | (Fixed) More Than US$50,000 | (Hourly) US$50 - US$100
Experienced Publisher/Licensor Producer, Industry Speaker, Software Developer, Entrepreneur, Gamer, Family Man!

I'm currently a Sr Producer for Nickelodeon but throughout my 13+ years in the industry I have held a variety of positions and worked for several companies that have given me a broad perspective on the industry and the skills necessary to take any project from concept to gold. Officially held positions include Programmer, Assistant Producer, Producer, and Co-founder/Development Director, but I have worn many other hats to ensure things got done, including Tester, QA Manager, Builds Guy, Recruiter, and Assistant Conference Coordinator.

As a Producer (Nickelodeon, 2K Play, 2K, Majesco) I have managed projects ranging from small to large AAA quality, across all platforms (consoles, PC, handheld, and mobile). Genres include first person shooters, third person action, educational, puzzle, fighting, and more.

I also enjoy sharing whatever experience and wisdom I have gained so have spoken at several different events! Topics I speak on include:
*) Industry Overview
*) Breaking into the Industry
*) Game Development Process
*) What Do Publishers Want
*) Understanding and Navigating Publisher, Developer, and Service Provider Relationships

I'm not currently looking for contract work, but keep my profile visible as an example of a complete profile ;)


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Credits / Clients


Name Brief Description Role
PAW Patrol Rescue Run (iOS, Android) iOS and Android mobile game that reached #1 in Kids and Education and #2 overall paid in one day for iOS and stayed there for over 3 weeks. I was the Producer from beginning to end. Link is iPad version. Sr Producer
Umi City Mighty Missions (Web) Online game for Nickelodeon, created with Flash, containing 6 games accessible via one interface. Freelance Producer
And more from NickJr (Web) Bubble Guppies Happy Valentines' Play, PAW Patrol Pups Save The Farm, Dora's Magic Land Adventure, Team Umizoomi UmiCar's Shape Mountain Race, Bubble Guppies Fin-tastic Fairytale, Fresh Beat Band Hip Hop and Pop Concert Maker Freelance Producer
Ring Blade (iPhone) As co-founder and development director of MindTrip Studios, brought the game from concept to market with great reviews.
Co-Founder, Development Director, IT, and more
Nickelodeon Fit (Wii) Fitness game designed for preschoolers. Worked with the Sr Producer and external developer to bring this from Alpha to Gold. Freelance Producer
Dora's Big Birthday Adventure (Wii, PS2) Dora, need I say more :) Worked with the external developer to bring this from Alpha to Gold. Freelance Producer
Spec Ops The Line (Xbox 360, PS3, PC) Third person modern military shooter. As the 2K Producer I worked with external developer to bring the concept to the prototype stage. Producer
Borderlands (Xbox 360, PS3, 360) First person role playing shooter. As the 2K Producer I worked with the external developer to bring the game from concept to vertical slice. Producer
And more from 2K Jade Empire (PC), Ghost Rider (PS2, PSP), Prey (PC, Xbox 360) Producer
Some from Majesco Started out at Majesco as a Programmer and transitioned to a Producer. Titles include: JAWS (PS2), Ultra Bust A Move (Xbox), BloodRayne (PS2, Xbox), Guilty Gear X2 Reloaded (Xbox), Soldier of Fortune (PS2), Bomberman Jetters (GameCube) Producer, Programmer


Name Brief Description Role
Nickelodeon Worked with external developers and internal departments to produce entertaining and educational games involving NickJr properties for the web, iPhone, Android, and consoles. Freelance Producer
2K Play Worked with external developers and marketing to release games for the Wii, including Nickelodeon Fit and Dora's Big Birthday Adventure. Freelance Producer


Name Brief Description Role
DMW NY Games Conference 2014 Sat on a panel with other industry experts to discuss making successful mobile games and the metrics that matter. Speaker
EA Games, Blacks In Technology NYC Meetup Sat on a panel with other industry experts to discuss opportunities in the games industry, breaking in, technology now and upcoming. Speaker
SASF Speak Week Spoke to elementary school students about the games industry, my experiences, and how they can bring their ideas to life. Speaker
Black Family Technology Awareness Week Topic: Careers in the Games Industry Speaker
IGDA NJ Pecha Kucha Night Topic: What do Publishers want? Speaker
GameX Industry Summit 2009 Topic: The Love Triangle - Understanding and Navigating the relationships between Developers, Publishers and Service Providers. Speaker

Name Brief Description
Moby Games (Majesco) A list of some games I did while at Majesco (not complete).
Article: Maintaining Quality of Life as Game Dev Full article title: Maintaining Quality of Life as a Game Developer, Entrepreneur, and Parent - This is an article I wrote for the "Wear the Hats, All the Hats" IGDA Perspectives newsletter theme. The article was also featured in the IGDA Insider newsletter.


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